I aim to develop apps
that are functional,
user-friendly and intuitive.

Hi! I'm Max, and I am a full-stack software developer and Chef. My goal is to incorporate all of my professional experience to construct apps that are both practical and visually stunning. Checkout my projects below!

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I design products that are more than pretty. I make them shippable and usable.

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Who is Max Robbins?

I am a Software Engineer with an extensive culinary background. I started my career working as a chef for some of the top restaurants in the country. After cutting my teeth at Three Michelin Star restaurants for over a decade and acting as the executive chef for a couple of others, I was able to sit back and take stock. Although I love to cook, being a chef wasn't giving me the life I desired. I decided to look for a change, and I fell in love with software developing. This new field allows for creativity, attention to detail, and dynamic problem solving which are all the things I loved about being a chef! Join me in this new journey.